I've always thought that my scans where a little soft, not with the colors but with the focus, I could never figure out, what cause it. Was it me that just weren't good enough to hit focus with my analog cameras, I ruled that one out after a while, because I refuse to think that I never hit focus, I know that I'm not that bad at it.

Was it my – Epson V700 and V500 – that's what I thought, for a while. I was actually looking for new scanners on e-Bay and the likes.

It turns out, that it was actually the scanner software I was using. I used the software that came with the scanner, Epson's own, as I thought that would be the best to use.
But the other day, when I was testing a scanner I bought from a thrift store, I installed , a piece of software I bought a few years – or more – ago,  when I was using my old flatbed scanner, where the original software wasn't working. It was the same with this scanner the software wasn't working on Windows 7/10, anyway I installed it, fooled around with the other scanner which doesn't seem to be working – haven't totally giver up on it yet.
I had a new roll of 35 mm film, that I need to scan, and I decided to give the Vuescan and Epson V700 combo a go.

And BAM! The scans looked amazing, crisp and scarp. I quickly test the setup with a film as well, and that looked even better. The best Christmas present ever 🙂 The downside is of course now I have to re-scan all my negatives.

I'll make a comparison post later on, when I have a bit more time after Christmas and New Years.

You can find Vuescan's website by clicking right here. I highly recommend it.

Here are some sample photos. They are all made with a Mamyia RZ67 ProII, the film is a Xpro 200 and the film is a .

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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