Elite Chrome Extra Colour, ,

I just got my first Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Colour, back from the lab. It's a reversal film, the film I used was expired – I don't think they make them anymore – but I don't know how old it was.

It's a straight up E6 developed roll, I didn't pull or push it, and I shoot it as an ISO 100.

I think it looks pretty good, but take a look for yourself at the photos below.

Photo Gallery

(They are all made with a 500 G rangefinder , with a broken light meter)

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  1. Hey, I’ve got a few rolls of this unboxed in the plastic tube and was thinking about developing them myself so I was wondering how you developed them? Since I can’t find anything online about it

    • Hi Olivia

      It’s a normal color reversal film, so you have to develop it in E6 chemistry, which you can get in a lot of camera shops or on the internet.

      I didn’t develop this one myself, but at a local lab here in Copenhagen. So if you don’t want to develop it yourself, it’s properly possible at a local lab if you have on in your area.

      Hope this helps you out


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