Monday, 16 September, 2019

Yearly Archives: 2019

A stroll with a Leica Z2X

My second Leica - the first being a Leica minilux, with a stroll post coming up later on - is a...

Thinking of buying a Leica – but which one?

What Leica in the $900 - $1.200 prize range, is the best

Vuescan vs Epson vs Silverfast

I have compared Vuescan with Epson's scanner software

September 2019

Camera: Noblex Pro 6-150 UX - Film: Kodak Portra 160

A stroll with a Nikon FE

How all SLR should be

I got a bad developer from Ars-Imago

First I just wanna clarify that this not a rant against Ars-Imago - shit happens - It's more like a heads up...

A stroll with a Diana

The original Diana

A few frames from a Lomography Berlin

Lomography Berlin ISO: 400Film format: 35mmDeveloped: At home in Cinestill Df96Camera: Pentax ME Expired: No

I recommend! – Three analog photography Web shops

Here are the web shops that I mainly use - and of course recommend - when I'm shopping analog stuff.

Camera imports from the northern part of Jutland

I spend a week this summer at my in-laws in the northern part of Jutland, and as always when I'm up there...

LAB-BOX – first impression

I finally got my hands on the Kickstarter project I backed, back in 2017 - the LAB-BOX from Ars-Imago.

August 2019

Camera: Olympus OM-1n MD - Film: Kodak Portra 800

A stroll with a Nikon F70

My second "real" camera.

A few frames from a CineStill 50

CineStill 50D ISO: 50Film format: 120Developed: At home in Tetenal ColortecCamera: Pentax 6×7 IIExpired: No

How I’m keeping track of my film stock

Screenshot of my film stock sheet
Here's how I keep track of my ever growing film stock. It's actually pretty simple. I haven't always done...

A quick look at VueScan

The best scanner software I have ever tried.

Copenhell 2019

I went to the metal festival Copenhell for the first time this year, because my all time favorite band Tool was headlining,...

I recommend! –

Did you know that on Ilford's website they have a whole section called "the Learning Zone" I just recently learned about this,...

A stroll with an Olympus AF-1

Father of the Mju II

July 2019

Camera: Canon AE-1 - Film: Kodak Gold 200

Analog features on my Danish website

Well I guess it's time for a little self-promotion :) On my Danish website I actually have a two...

A stroll with a Pentax ME

I got this for free through my father, I didn't know anything about the ME when I got it. But at the...

Loose thoughts: Does photo-paper have to be stored cold like film?

I bought some photo-paper, for a pinhole camera, and I stored it in the fridge. But because of space shortage - one can never...

A stroll with a AGFA Optima 200 Sensor

It's properly better than you think

I recommend! –

I use this site a lot, every time I get a new - old - camera, I look it up here, to...